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This guy is nuuuts! [20 May 2006|01:35am]
[ mood | scared ]


and so is this one..

Yes Jennifer is watching scary shows...

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Ladeda [12 May 2006|02:04pm]
[ mood | okay ]

I wish I could write a beautiful poem about you today,
But the only thing I can write is this:

I almost called you the other day.
I almost told you that I loved you.
I almost want you to know that I still care.
I almost want you to still love me too.
I almost want to call you and ask you to forgive me.
I almost want what we had back.
But I know it just wouldn't work out.
I know for a fact you were the only guy
that has ever loved me as much as I deserve.
When we were together my heart didn't feel
so complicated.
My feelings were in one place.
Until the distance between us got bigger,
then I didn't know what to feel anymore.
My heart was all over the place,
my feelings were scattered like pieces of
broken glass.
And now I'm unstable as ever.
You were my rock, you kept me hanging on
when all I wanted to do was let go.
I hope you've found someone to treat
you the way you deserve to be treated,
to love you the way you deserve to be loved,
And I hope she accepts you for who you are,
and loves you because of who you are.
A big part of me will always love you Ted.

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[04 Oct 2005|09:42am]
[ mood | chipper ]

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

BAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! That makes me funny. Shit. No. That makes me laugh. Oh jeezy peezy.
Guess what kids. Guess who's being forced into church every sunday (or well every other)? That's right...me. But my mom doesn't know that I'm only going once. So fart on her.

http://www.spreadshirt.com/shop.php?sid=1000&affiliate=972 <~ for myself to play with later...oh yes.
rahahahahaha...I WILL get one if it doesn't take a fookme credit card.

must flee now...class be starting.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY! [18 Apr 2005|01:00pm]
[ mood | excited ]


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Yey [26 Feb 2005|07:24pm]
Out with Mom, David (I thought it was Debbie), Abby, and Christina...
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[12 Feb 2005|11:56am]
Ok so..yeah. I'm not cool enough to make a little picture thingy. But if you wanna be on my friends list just comment and I'll add you. =P
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Yay! [19 Oct 2004|06:20am]
[ mood | excited ]


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Something I made.. [25 Sep 2004|12:23pm]
[ mood | sick ]

Enjoy...or not. lol.

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Yeh [21 Sep 2004|05:02pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

I am inlove with Journey's "Lights" *heart eyes*
Lovely song. Muchly lovely.
And that is all.
Bye bye.

Edit: Plus these ones, thanks to Kenny.
*sigh* Oh how I love you Kenny! :)
No One Above - Michael Tolcher
Will I Ever Make It Home - Ingram Hill and
Cigarette Lighter Love Song - Marvelous 3

tirpencis: he was talking to himself when he was doing the headlight.
tirpencis: it was amusing
MeNtAlYcOnFooSeD: lol
tirpencis: he was accusing some "fuckhead" of smashing out the light, then he was like "Oh, shit, right. Me. OKay."
tirpencis: lol

That fucking cracks me up.

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Well then.. [20 Sep 2004|06:03pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Yeah so someone thought it would be funny to fucking change my password. WHAT THE FUCK?!

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Well.. [20 Sep 2004|05:53pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Yeah so someone thought it would be funny to fucking change my password. WHAT THE FUCK?!

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This is me [17 Sep 2004|10:25pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

This is me.
I'm going to be open about the things
you may find offensive or appauling.
But now I don't care anymore
because this is who I am.
I say what I want about myself.
I won't say I'm sorry for it.
Because I'm not.
I'm tired of hiding or keeping
the things I want to say inside
all because I'm afraid that someone
might find it wrong.
I'm me.
I'm Jennifer.
I'd like to say I'm sorry if you
don't like that, but I'm not sorry.
If you don't like me for who I am
flaws and all...
then that's your fucking problem.
I'm not going to stop being me
just to please you people.
I'm tired of being afraid of losing
people because of who I am.
If I lose someone because I
joke about lesbian things, then so be it.
If I lose someone because I
cuss too much, then so be it.
This is me.
Except it or just leave.

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The Cranberries - Linger [15 Sep 2004|10:54pm]
[ mood | weird ]

If you, if you could return, don't let it burn, don't let it fade.

I'm sure I'm not being rude, but it's just your attitude,
It's tearing me apart, It's ruining everything.

I swore, I swore I would be true, and honey, so did you.
So why were you holding her hand? Is that the way we stand?
Were you lying all the time? Was it just a game to you?

But I'm in so deep. You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,
Do you have to let it linger?

Oh, I thought the world of you.
I thought nothing could go wrong,
But I was wrong. I was wrong.
If you, if you could get by, trying not to lie,
Things wouldn't be so confused and I wouldn't feel so used,
But you always really knew, I just wanna be with you.

But I'm in so deep. You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,
Do you have to let it linger?

And I'm in so deep. You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,
Do you have to let it linger?

You know I'm such a fool for you.
You got me wrapped around your finger, ah, ha, ha.
Do you have to let it linger? Do you have to, do you have to,
Do you have to let it linger?

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Today and yesterday [11 Sep 2004|01:34pm]
[ mood | bored ]


I went to the dance with Toni, Loren and Jennifer. We ate at subway and I saw Alicia's dad there. Lol it was weird cause he pulled up in that big truck and I was like "Wow...that's a nice truck." Then when he got out I was like "Oh!!"
We kinda left a mess with Lorens salad. Cause Chesters sisters work there. And Toni said she wanted to. Meh I dunno.
Then we chilled at the park for a while. We got to the dance and Andrew was there! YAY! We all danced together and on each other. Then when Andrew was behind me dancin with me I looked across the dance floor and spot George. My heart stopped, my jaw dropped and I was like "oh my god!" and pointed over to him so Jennifer and Toni could see. And I kept dancing with Andrew for a bit. And whenever George and I saw each other we waved at each other. And I was having fun dancing and stuff until I saw that skinny little Amanda girl all up in his personal space. lol. I wanted to beat her nasty no-ass face in. *laughs* I would just stare at him sometimes. Even when I slow danced with Andrew I kinda looked at him. And then when Andrew and I were slow dancing he laid his head on my shoulder..and I laid mine on his. And I knew that he liked me and I started gettin all weird because I don't like him like that. And on the last slow dance like after it was over..he kissed me. And everyone started squeelin and whistlin and stuff and bleh. I wasn't enjoying dancing with him anymore cause for some odd reason I felt like I was cheatin on George.. So I wasn't enjoying the last dance, but I was glad it was the last one. So yeah. And afterwards he kept asking me if I was mad at him and I kept telling him that I was just tired. And when he was walking me outside he kinda was holding my hand and I saw George outside and he looked up at us and I like walked faster down the stairs so we wouldn't be holding hands. When I got outside Jennifer was out there getting ready to leave and I gave her a long ass hug. And I was like "omg..I can't believe he kissed me." and she said "we didn't tell him to." and I was like "I know, but I didn't want him to." and George said "How long can a hug last?" and I looked at him and said "Forever." And I started scratching his stomach and he said something about it tickling and him being just a small boy and I said "But I like your stomach." and he said "Oh." And then Andrew asked me again if I was mad at him and I said "It's just that I know you like me and..." I did a little hand gesture and he said "oh.." and I said "yeah. I'm sorry." and he said "oh that's ok." and I asked him if he was sure and he said "yeah I'm not mad." Then we said good-bye and I walked over to Hammy sitting on the back of a truck. (The truck I would later find out to be Georges. hehe! *wink wink*) So yeah that was my night. It was fun. And such.


I got up at 7, showered, dried my hair, fought with my mom, got my clothes ready, fought with my mom, got my stuff into the car, and we were on our way to pick up Beth. We got to the picture place and OMG did I have fun! First of all the lady we talked to had an accent that I just fell inlove with automatically! And she was so nice and funny and sarcastic. And then I met the photographer and I figured he'd be an old man but he was young and pretty cute and funny and nice as hell! Lol we were looking at the pictures of the Senior Guys that had theirs taken there and there was this one guy named Aaron Brown and WOAH BABY was he hot! lol she told us his name and that he lives in Monroe county and that he's in college. LOL she even has his picture on her computer desktop! lol. But yeah. I had fun. He was really nice and made me feel comfortable. I wanna go back just to hang out with him! And to get me to smile real big if I wasn't already he or Beth said that magic word. "George." lol.
But I go back in 2 weeks to pick out the ones I want and order them. And even if I don't like any of them it's ok, because I had a kick ass time!
OH YEAH! I saw Kalie there. She and her mom walked in with her..Oh I forget what they're called but she was picking out the ones she wanted to order today.

And if anyone by any change (or miracle) wants or is aloud to do anything tonight lemme know! PLEASE!!!!
Anywho as you can tell I didn't really feel like posting. so yeah.

OMG! There's a picture he took of me sitting on the railing and after I took the picture of me by the swing I saw the big ass spider that I was just inches near when I was sitting on the railing and IT WAS SOOOOO FUCKING NAAAAAASTY AND BIG AND YUCK! I wanted to take a picture of it. lol. Yes I'm a nerd like that. But I didn't have my camera with me. I fucking felt like the 70ft woman when I was in my dress shoes. But that's ok. And yeah I think I'm really gonna go now. Love you.

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Application time! [06 Sep 2004|11:13pm]
MY Application!Collapse )
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PEOPLE PEOPLE! [06 Sep 2004|11:03pm]
[ mood | chipper ]



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Haha oh how the monkeys scare my mom.. [06 Sep 2004|12:49am]
[ mood | chipper ]

I finally got to rent movies tonight. I was all pissed cause St. Marys Video was closed today and tomorrow and mom said we could go to Farm Fresh. So we went there and the new memberships have to be done by the manager Mon-Fri. SUCKING FUCKS! Mom checked to see if David had an account and he didn't so she checked if Beth did, and she did! WOO! So mom paid her late fee's, got me two movies and her one movie. I got Cabin Fever and Wrong Turn. My mom played on my computer while I was watching the movies. *laughs hysterically* Man oh man oh man. I should do that more often. I watched Cabin Fever first and my mom left in the middle then came back and said "maybe I can put my blinders on.." and I said. "blinders? what?!" and she said "keep my eyes locked on the screen and tune my listening out from the movie." and I said "ohh." and laughed at her. She missed the dog eating the girls stomach part and I was like "you just missed a good part." and she said "I don't want to hear about it or see it." and I started to tell her about it and she's like "Jennifer, I don't want to hear it." and after I told her she's like "oh god! I don't want to throw up my dinner.."
And then I watched Wrong Turn and I told mom it took place in West Virginia and she said "maybe I should go tell David you got a movie that took place in the hills of West Virginia." and she did and he came back and asked why mom was scared and I told him it was probably from this movie and the movie I watched before this one. and he asked if it was scary and I said "yeah..." then he asked what would scare mom really bad and I told him I didn't know. So after she came back into the room he left and went outside and pounded on my window..which scared me shitless and it scared George so bad he jumped off my bed. lol. Then when he came back in he threw Drakes monkey at my mom. She didn't finish this movie. lol she said that she needs to watch something else so she can get to sleep cause she has to work in the morning. Haha, I love my mommy so muches. lol.
And when I was re-doing my music list I found Butch Walker songs and now I'm all "Love the previews and hate the movies..." lol. I heart Alicia muchly for sending me those 4 songs. YES!
and Phil needs to stop signing off and on..it's annoying to hear "moo" "door slam" "moo" "doorslam".
Uhh...I think that's all or some shit. Except that I'm fucking glad we do not have school tomorrow!!! But I would like it, and greatly appreciate it, if someone could come and help me pick out outfits for my pictures on Saturday. I need 4 since I already know one of them will be a dress. *yells*
Speaking of dresses I think I might actually get one to wear to Homecoming this year. After all this is my last year and I wanna wear something different. So I think I might see what mom thinks of it.
Herm..I have LimeWire open but no songs to d/l. Oh the joy. Not! Hermies. I think I shall go nows. Bye bye allies. I love you muchlies. *mwah* Kisses!

Obviously there is more, but it just won't come out. lol.
Oh yeah..I should've rented 28 Days Later instead of Cabin Fever..Cause the preview for 28 Days Later made me want to watch it. CAUSE HESSOHOT! Yeah ok. *leaves*

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WHY?! [05 Sep 2004|01:28am]
[ mood | tired ]

Can anyone explain to me why I still have the Barney tape playing when Cyle is not even in here anymore?!
I swear I don't like Barney!

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Today, today, today.. [04 Sep 2004|08:21am]
[ mood | sick ]

I'm going shopping this morning, then later tonight I'm going to the crash game. And Georgia said that her and Rachel might go. I hope so!!! Cause it's always fun to hang out with lots of people. And I guess my belly ring is in now. I forgot to ask her to bring more salt though. So I'm hoping she reads this before she goes and can bring me more. :) We might have the salt she does...if the container has a little girl in a raincoat holding an umberella. lol.
And since I've been distracted once again, I'm gonna go finish getting ready. lol.

Love you alls. *kisses* MWAH!

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Hmm.. [02 Sep 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | sick but good ]

I just realized that I've been like...extremely happy for this whole week..every since the game on Friday. Like when I'm at school, or around people (other than family) I'm happy and laughing and stuff. And when I watch tv I've been laughing more than usual...and I must say it feels pretty damn good.
Like when I see Glen, I'm happy. Even though he picks on me, I'm glad to see him. It's like..an unstopable laughter for me. *dances* "I feel good, I knew that I would now, I feel good."
Yeah, Ok. I go now. lol.
I love you all bubblies!

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